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Two rare 'tailed' Morphos set in a Victorian style display frame!  Here are two different species that show the unusual variation in the Morpho family.  The scalloped 'tails' of these species give them a very distinctive appearance. The bottom species has a silver/white color that is  different than the bright reflective blues that the Morphos are known for.  The top species has some purple/ blue hue centered closer to it's body.  Impossible to get without scratches and damages, but these are in great condition compared to others I have seen.   The frame is a large double matted display that enhances these two rare and amazing butterflies!


Rare Tailed Morphos

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  • Species: Morpho theseus schweizeri ~ Mexico
                  Morpho theseus juturna ~ Columbia
    Frame Size: 15 in. X 18 in.  [Large Display!]
    Free Shipping in USA!

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