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A large display with gorgeous green cicadas and blue lanternflies [Pyrops pyrorhyncha]! Just look at those noses! Legend says folks thought these long-nosed insects glowed, hence the name 'lantern fly'. Possibly, a strain of bio-luminescent fungus was the culprit on some of the decaying specimens being brought back to England.
Also included are unusual day flying moths. The 'polka dot' moth is an amazing red, white, and blue color that lives on poisonous oleander plants. The female doesn't use pheromones [a scent like perfume to attract a mate] but gives off ultra sonic clicks [like Morse code!] when a male approaches. The male does the same once he hears her serenade!
There are also three uncommon scarlet-bodied wasp moths [two males and a female] that are a beautiful bright crimson with purple edging and clear wing patches. The male scarlet bodied wasp moth feeds on dog fennel, a poisonous plant. He then transfers these poisons to the female and eggs during courtship to protect them from predators! Wow!

Frame Size: [large] 13 in. X 13 in.

Free Shipping in USA!


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  • Frame Size: [large] 13 in. X 13 in.

    Free Shipping in USA!

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