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The largest species of Phyllium leaf insect set in a special wood themed frame! This huge species likes to browse slowly through the trees, munching and nibbling its way nearly undetectable due to its perfect camouflage!

 The overall shape is that of a leaf, even down to the minute details of the veins and a head that resembles a bud! Some parts are brown, just like a real leaf! The disguise is so complete, they have even been observed nibbling on each other, truly a case of mistaken identity! Set in a superb wood frame that resembles the bark of a tree....A testimony to God's amazing creativity!

Set on acid free watercolor backing and with 'tru-vu' UV blocking museum glass!


Giant Walking Leaf Insect

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  • Species: Phyllium giganteum [Largest walking leaf species]

    Location: Malaysia

    Frame Size: 8 3/4 in. X 7 3/4 in.


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