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This is one of the largest beetles in the world! Called the "Atlas Beetle", they are found throughout Malaysia and Indonesia. Their giant larvae feed on decaying wood from the tropical rain forests, and are helpful as decomposers. Some native people actually eat them! The giant horns are used for battles, like other rhinoceros beetles. They are attracted to lights at night and produce a deep humming sound as they fly [yes, these huge beetles can fly!] One of the World's largest insects! The Atlas Beetle is an incredible animal, with its three huge horns that resemble the extinct Triceratops dinosaur [common Designer, not co-evolution!] and the metallic elytra make for an impressive insect! Truly another wonderful example of the Creator's artistic imagination!

Giant Three Horned Rhino Beetle

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  • Species: Chalcosoma caucasus / chiron    [The Atlas Beetle]

    Location: Malaysia and Indonesia

    Frame Size: 7 in.X 6 in.

    Cost:  $80 plus $15 shipping = $95


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