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Truly one of the strangest insects around, the 'Peanut Head Lantern fly' is famous for it's over sized head that is shaped similar to a peanut. Some say it looks more like an alligator, with teeth and all! And then those large eye spots on the hind wings really make for a great insect display!  They do not produce light, but the name "Lantern Fly" was thought to have come from the faint glow of bio-luminescent bacteria that may have grown on the decaying specimens over the long voyage back to England. Set in a solid wood shadowbox to compliment the browns and oranges on this amazing insect!

Peanut-Head Lantern Fly

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  • Species: Fulgora laternaria
    Location: Amazon basin and Peru
    Frame Size: Large at 9 1/2 X 11 1/2 in.
    Free Shipping in USA!

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