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Incredible display with a HUGE example of the infamous Bird-Eating Tarantula of the Amazon! Set on an artistic background that accentuates this beast! Mounted to show the gigantic fangs. The poison of these spiders would seem dangerous, but not so: only about as potent as a bee sting. Tarantulas use their hairy bodies as a defense; when threatened, they rapidly rub thier back legs across their abdomen, essentially 'flicking' thier tiny barbed hairs into the face and eyes of would be predators. In college, I had some hairs of my pet tarantula magnified under an electron microscope and was astounded at the barb design, much like a little harpoon! These "urticating" hairs can cause severe irritation and even loss of vision if lodged in the eyes. Local Amazonian peoples have been known to eat tarantulas, but they roast them over an open fire first to burn off the hairs. The taste is said to be similar to shrimp! Bird eaters also 'stridulate' and produce a hissing sound that can be heard up to 15 feet away!  Large display and quite impressive! Only one....


Giant Bird-Eating Tarantula

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  • Frame Size: 11 1/2 in. X 11 1/2 in.


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